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ISTORY Mihyang

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Mihyang’s Elbow Patch 

Her love for pastel colors and curves reminds one of happiness and bright energy. Mihyang’s elbow patch embodies her family living a healthy and happy life in purple flowers.

River (강 in Korean) symbolizes people who start a new life, particularly those who left their home country, North Korea, where they were born and raised. Now they are living a new life in South Korea or a third country. Therefore, our brand’s elbow patch always reflects the river.

Learn more about Mihyang here.

Mihyang Lee | Hometown: Haeju, South Hwanghae Province | University Student

I was known to my peers as the king of the hill. I always played with dirt, and the fields and mountains were playgrounds for me. My hometown had a good natural environment because there were many trees and grass with forests, and I have many pleasant memories because my family lived a good life.

There is a memorable anecdote from my childhood which is about a big sweet potato I found while taking a walk with my grandfather. He told me that there must be a big sweet potato in the cracked part on the ground. I was amazed how my grandfather knew this well because the sweet potato was indeed as big as me hiding under the ground. I remember it was so big we divided the sweet potato into six pieces and boiled to eat. 

My mother, who was a full-time homemaker, is a very strong person, while my father is a hard worker who does not take breaks even here in South Korea. His hard work was not an exception in North Korea, but my family started facing financial difficulties. My father then thought that all of his family members could die at this rate, and as a result, he decided to defect with all of his family members.

My father, who caught a fish by boat, knew a lot about the sea routes, and one day he suddenly asked me If I would like to travel by boat with him. He told us about his plans to go to South Korea a week before the departure, and I got on the boat that my father had prepared in advance. We all lied down on the boat, and after about four hours, my dad told us to get up because we arrived in South Korea. There we were in South Korea.

The first days of South Korea were like seeing a new world. It seemed amazing that there was a lot to eat, there was no power cut, and the rooms were lit all day long. In fact, it is now interesting looking back the way I lived in North Korea the same I did about South Korea. 

I think South Korea is a pretty good country to live in. Since freedom is guaranteed and you get to make the amount of work you do, I think it is a really good society compared to North Korea, so I live satisfied with my life today.

I am currently studying at University, and I plan to expand my current business after graduation. Starting with a business incubation program called Asan Sanghoe, I am currently participating in an accelerating phase. I am preparing for the online travel content business with two team members I met there.

I live under the motto of not being bound by a fixed frame, and I believe I don't have to go on the same path as others, so I'm going to live like that in the future. Now that I think about it, leaving North Korean was one way to follow the motto above.


  • Favorite Color: Light Purple and Pastel Tone
  • Favorite Architecture and Style: Western architecture and Rococo style with curved patterns
  • Favorite Flower: Tulip and Baby’s Breath
  • Favorite Book: Fantasy
  • What I Collect: Fantasy novels, Series
  • Hobbies: Learning musical instruments, making crafts, and making clothes

Size Overview

All measurements are in cm. Shirt measurements may vary by +/- 0.5cm.


Long Sleeved Elbow Patch 

90 95 100 105 110 115
Length  62 66 71 74 77 80
Sleeve Length 53 56 60 63 67 70
Chest 1/2 46 50 53 55 58 63


Fabric Neck Sleeves Elbow Patch Thickness
Solid double cotton with a little weaving, soft cotton Boat neck Long sleeves Elbow Patch Medium



Washing Guidelines & General Info

Country of origin South Korea Gender  Unisex
Fabric  Cotton 100% Dye/Washing  16 numbers or less two-ply washing
Washing Method  * Recommended to wash separately when using a washing machine.
* Use water with a temperature below 35°C. Low temperature ironing. 
Make sure to flip the clothes inside out to avoid color fading.
* Low temperature ironing.
* Avoid using bleach, chlorine or oxygen.
* Not suitable for machine drying.




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