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Jinu’s Elbow Patch 

While working as a broker in North Korea, he helped more than 100 people flee to South Korea. Then he worked as a truck driver after entering the South, and is still driving.

Jinu’s elbow patch embodies a truck  speeding through the wilderness in the sense that he would like to take people to their hometown of North Korea when reunified. If he was the person who ‘sent’ people from North Korea to South Korea in the past, he wants to be a ‘unification accelerator’ who helps people move from South to North Korea in the future when we are reunified.

River (강 in Korean) symbolizes people who start a new life, particularly those who left their home country, North Korea, where they were born and raised. Now they are living a new life in South Korea or a third country. Therefore, our brand’s elbow patch always reflects the river.

Jinu Ha | Hometown : Musan, North Hamgyong | Defected to South Korea in 2013 

When I was six, people in black suits busted my family’s house one day, handcuffed my father, and took him away. Few days later, people in black suits came back again and took all the valuables we had. By the time we were about to be put out on the street after losing my father and everything we owned, we learned that the charge against my father was, ‘a traitor who deceived the Workers Party of Korea and received money from the South Korean Agency for National Security and Planning.’

In the early 1990s, my father made money by smuggling in between China and North Korea and contributed some of his profits to the country as an 'insurance.’ When his business was growing and going well, someone who envied my father made a false report to the North Korean government. My father was tortured by the North Korean government for about a year and was released only after it was confirmed that the money was not received from the South. 

Even though my father returned home, my family had to live apart from one another because we could not get our property back. Mom and my sister stayed at a relative's house, while my father and I lived in a warehouse near the ocean and spent six years catching and eating off of squid. To escape from this situation, my father earned a permit to farm Dybowski’s frogs and returned to his hometown, Musan, where we could live together with my mom and my sister again.

Dybowski’s frogs made a good export since they were famous in China as a stamina booster, and fortunately, I was able to go back to school as well. (Currently, it is prohibited to catch dybowski’s frogs in South Korea because it is considered an endangered species).

One day, a neighbor came to me asking if I could help their family in South Korea to send money. Perhaps, it was because of my father's thriving trade business. Although I was 13 at the time, I successfully helped them to get the money. By the age of 15, one asked me if I could help ‘sending’ someone from North Korea to South Korea. This is how I became a broker.

Before I came to South Korea in 2013, I helped more than 100 North Korean defectors flee to South Korea for five years. Over time, a rumor was spread that I am a broker. I was monitored by the North Korean government, and eventually I faced an execution by firing squad. After I heard what my sentence was, I decided to leave North Korea immediately by crossing the Tumen River with my father to China, and from China to South Korea.

In 2014, I finally got to study police administration, which was my dream, but soon I heard that my mother was taken to an offender institution instead of me. I stopped studying and started making money for her. My father struggled looking for a day job, and I saved 30 million won while working part-time at a department store for about a year. With the money, I bought a truck and started working as a truck driver.

I was so happy that I could make as much as I put my effort in, so I was not tired even if I didn't  get much sleep. Besides, having a job meant so much to me as my motivation has been to save my mother. Two years passed quickly, but then a disease called cataclysmic spondylitis came to my way. It was a rare incurable disease that had to be carried for life so I couldn't drive anymore. But we couldn't just sit still and do nothing, so we decided to try the Dybowski’s frog farm again that we used to run in North Korea.

It took my father and I about a year and a half to get permission for Korean Dybowski’s frog farm. We are currently running Hana Unification Tourism Farm. Donguibogam (Exemplar of Korean Medicine) writes about the effectiveness of Hasma (Obviductus Ranae), which comes from Dybowski’s frog. We are planning to extract Hasma from Dybowski’s frogs and make it like red ginseng extract.

Ultimately, my goal is to create a big company like Chairman Chung Ju-yung, the founder of Hyundai Group. Aren’t I still young? I want to show people that everyone can succeed if they put in efforts.


  • Favorite color: White. In North Korea, I didn't have an opportunity to wear white clothes. I badly wanted to wear white clothes because I only wore black clothes.
  • Hobbies: Exercising, singing, dancing
  • Role Model: Chairman Chung Ju-young


Size Overview

All measurements are in cm. Shirt measurements may vary by +/- 0.5cm. 


Long Sleeved Elbow Patch 

90 95 100 105 110 115
Length  62 66 71 74 77 80
Sleeve Length 53 56 60 63 67 70
Chest 1/2 46 50 53 55 58 63



Fabric Neck Sleeves Elbow Patch Thickness
Solid double cotton with a little weaving, soft cotton Boat neck Long sleeves Elbow Patch Medium



Washing Guidelines & General Info

Country of origin South Korea Gender  Unisex
Fabric  Cotton 100% Dye/Washing  16 numbers or less two-ply washing
Washing Method  * Recommended to wash separately when using a washing machine.
* Use water with a temperature below 35°C. Low temperature ironing. 
Make sure to flip the clothes inside out to avoid color fading.
* Low temperature ironing.
* Avoid using bleach, chlorine or oxygen.
* Not suitable for machine drying.



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