ISTORY is a social impact fashion brand that aims to share the stories of North Korean resettlers living in South Korea and abroad.

North Korean resettlers living in South Korea often struggle to acclimate to the new society's culture, lifestyle, politics and the modern lifestyle. They often struggle with the negative stereotypes that depicts North Koreans as being cold-blooded communists. Because of this, many are reluctant to admit to their origins and this can lead to acculturation stress.

By sharing stories of North Korean resettlers living in South Korea, ISTORY pursues to create a more receptive atmospheres among South Koreans and people around the world towards North Koreans.

We want to give North Korean resettlers a voice to share their stories, goals and ambitions without being ashamed of where they come from.


ISTORY was founded by Jihyun Kang and Marie Boes. They met during a start-up program in August 2020 and have been friends and partners ever since.

Jihyun Kang

Jihyun Kang, North Korea born, resettled in South Korea in 2012. She attended Hanyang University while majoring in fashion and textile. She always dreamt of becoming a fashion designer. 

Marie Boes

Marie Boes, originally from Belgium, relocated to South Korea in 2017 and has been living here ever since. She studied Industrial Design at Nottingham Trent University and runs the popular South Korea travel blog bemariekorea.com.