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ISTORY Official

ISTORY Jihyeon

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Navy blue or grey long sleeve tshirt inspired by Jihyeon's Baekdusan Mountain story and her dream to become a fashion designers.

Jihyeon is a Korean resettler and has been living in South Korea for 8 years now. When she was 15 she visited Baekdusan Mountain with her family and saw for the first time in her life a foreigner. It was a big guy, with ripped jeans and a bit messy beard. Her first thought was, "Why is there a homeless looking foreigner walking around Baekdusan Mountain?". Her family ensured her his style was some kind of western fashion and that he must be quite rich to be able to visit this place as it's not easy for foreigners to visit Baekdusan Mountain.

From that point on she dreamt of becoming a fashion designer and this has encouraged her to leave her country and resettle in South Korea. The design of the elbow patch reflects this dream and her life journey. 



Size Overview

All measurements are in cm. Shirt measurements may vary by +/- 0.5cm.


Long Sleeved Elbow Patch 

90 95 100 105 110 115
Length  62 66 71 74 77 80
Sleeve Length 53 56 60 63 67 70
Chest 1/2 46 50 53 55 58 63


Fabric Neck Sleeves Elbow Patch Thickness
Solid double cotton with a little weaving, soft cotton Boat neck Long sleeves Elbow Patch Medium


Washing Guidelines & General Info

Country of origin South Korea Gender  Unisex
Fabric  Cotton 100% Dye/Washing  16 numbers or less two-ply washing
Washing Method  * Recommended to wash separately when using a washing machine.
* Use water with a temperature below 35°C. Low temperature ironing. 
Make sure to flip the clothes inside out to avoid color fading.
* Low temperature ironing.
* Avoid using bleach, chlorine or oxygen.
* Not suitable for machine drying. 


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