Exhibition: Various colors, collaboration between ISTORY and Kang Chunhyuk



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Exhibition name: Various colors 各樣各色 (Various, different)
Artists: Dagyeol, Kang Chunhyuk
Exhibition Schedule: 2021.06.11 ~ 06.17, open daily 1 PM till 7 PM
Place: 페이스 ( pase ) 성수동 1가 393-1. Basement

Opening event: 11th of June. Open from 5 PM, opening speech by painters at 6.30 PM. 
Other Events:
13th of June, from 4PM: Live Painting by Kang Chunhyuk
15th of June, from 4PM: ISTORY event & live painting by Kang Chunhyuk
17th of June, from 4PM: Talk with painters Kang Chunhyuk and Dagyeol

Kang Chun-hyeok, who majored in painting at Hongik University, and Da-gyeol, who majored in fashion at Hanyang University, are North Korean defectors from the MZ generation. They both really love people, nature and art.

This exhibition aims to capture the beautiful aspects of humans and nature that can be expressed through art. The ordinary things found in everyday life and the beauty obtained from experiences that cannot be easily done in everyday life have their own meanings, and can be seen from the artist's perspective and the viewer's various viewpoints.

Writer Kang Chun-hyeok is a famous artist, who has held exhibitions in Korea as well as abroad, but he also has a unique history of achieving good results by appearing in Show Me the Money, the gateway to hip-hop rappers.

In this exhibition, various feelings are expressed mainly through three common colors using oil paintings and watercolors. Red, which symbolizes the north, blue, which symbolizes the south, and purple, a mixture of the two, are drawn on the canvas. Kang Chun-hyeok explains that purple is a color that breaks down the society's view of North Korean defectors, including the artist, and is our color as a part of this society.

Another expression of the artist beyond the heavy subject is the theme of “swallow”. Interestingly, if you look closely at the swallow, the feathers are divided into three colors. The lower part of the beak and the forehead are red, and the feathers covering the body including the wings are black blue. And the back side from the neck to the tail is made of white feathers.

Through swallows, the Kang Chun-hyeok expresses news and longing on the canvas in a bright and diverse way.

The multi-faceted artist who majored in fashion tries to show her identity by expressing her teenage years, 20s, and 30s using colors. The three works will be exhibited using the draping technique, in which a large width of fabric is lifted on a mannequin, cut to fit the curve and length of the body, and fixed with pins. In addition, the artist Dagyeol tries to show the sea and sky of the horizon that stretches endlessly with oil on the canvas through various colors. The sea and sky have no borders and are not clearly distinguished, so migratory birds can freely cross over. This point reflects the artist's hopes because she cannot freely go to North Korea, her hometown that she so desperately wants to visit.

In addition, color can express beauty and non-beauty, and through such a contrast, she tries to properly reveal the true form of human beings. It makes the reader think about their inner color.

Lastly, Dagyeol is also exhibiting works by the recently launched fashion brand ‘ISTORY’. 'ISTORY' means my story, and the purpose is to show the story of North Korean defectors in a fun and artistic way by designing graphic designs of the stories of North Korean defectors living in South Korea.

We usually hear the stories of North Korean defectors through news or entertainment programs, and it is true that there is a bad perception of North Korean defectors in society because of the way media deals with politics and portrays exaggerated material rather than the true form of North Korean defectors. So, ISTORY wants to accurately show the defectors past, present and future. It is a fashion brand that tells the story of North Korean defectors in the hope that they will be able to unfold their infinite possibilities and talents in society.

Through this exhibition, graphic designs containing the stories of 10 North Korean refugees will be exhibited together.

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