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Hacmin’s Elbow Patch 

Pulse is the symbol of Sogang Jobs. Simply put, the core of his business is 'fixing' problems with a philosophy of giving another life to broken devices. This is the reason for the logo as Hacmin asserts, "fixing is my life."

River (강 in Korean) symbolizes people who start a new life, particularly those who left their home country, North Korea, where they were born and raised. Now they are living a new life in South Korea or a third country. Therefore, our brand’s elbow patch always reflects the river.

Hacmin Kim | Hometown: Onsong, North Hamgyong Province | CEO of Seogangjobs  

My father, who spent his entire life digging for coal as a miner, did not receive a penny of his salary during the March of Suffering (a period of mass starvation in North Korea due to international isolation and natural disasters). To save his family from starving to death, my father brought food to the table from time to time by repairing electronic devices that he had been doing as a hobby. However, my mother, who could not endure the hardships of living, fled to China first when I was 11 years old.

Born as the son of a miner, I naturally learned the art of repairing electronics by my father's side. From the age of 13, I could even repair the clocks, and the words of mouth spreaded not only in the neighborhood, but also in other areas so I have become responsible for my family's living as people flocked.

Happiness lasted too short as my father passed away when I was 16 years old, and I became completely on my own. But I didn't worry so much about the food. This is because I made enough to repair electronic devices that I had been doing since I was young. As CD players produced in China became popular in North Korea, I was able to repair CD players a lot and naturally gain access to South Korean dramas and culture.

Stepping out of my comfort zone, what made me come to South Korea was the life of South Korea that I saw through K-dramas. At the age of 25, I was full of motivation and positivity dreaming of a new life in South Korea, but soon I faced a reality that was harsher than I thought. I had such a tough time getting a job because I did not have a college degree unlike other South Koreans of my age. I don’t have the best health either so it was frustrating and painful that I could not do anything. In North Korea, I could at least live by using my skills. But thinking that there was nothing I could do in South Korea, I spent the most depressing and gloomy year. 

After wandering for a year, my self-confidence hit the rock bottom. But it was also an opportunity to think specifically about what to do in the future. I decided to follow my interest, and I ended up going to Sogang University after two years of preparation.

One day, I was repairing my broken cell phone at the campus, then a colleague who was watching from the side asked if I had fixed it myself. I didn’t find it hard so I simply fixed it with a small purchase of accessories, but my colleague recommended repairing cell phones for Sogang University students. Encouraging me that there is no one who can repair cell phones like I do on campus, they even promoted me and my skills on their own!

So many college students gathered to repair their cell phones, and there was not enough time to study while repairing them in places such as coffee shops, cafeterias, parks, houses, and classrooms. It was difficult to study and repair electronics at the same time, so I chose to expand my business. In fact, for me, who had only received help from around me, I thought it was an opportunity to help college students in need like me as well as to make money on my own; so I put more thoughts on expanding my business.

Today’s Korea, I find it too competitive and no middle ground for any social issues. It seems like academic backgrounds, neighborhoods, jobs, clothes, and cars are important here. There must be no country that studies as much as Koreans do. I hope their inner health and strength grows as well. In fact, the most difficult part of the re-settlement process was discrimination. I think discrimination exists everywhere. However, if our society was more inclusive, I feel as if the level of discrimination would be even lower.

I plan to live with dreams and hopes from now on, so I think I am doing well today. The technology I utilized in North Korea in the past is currently being used in South Korea as well, and I want to continue using it in the future to bring jobs in the electronics repair service industry together so that users have a better accessibility. Today, electronics are not just electronics, but they are significant in our lives and sometimes they heal people’s minds and become friends. Therefore, Sogang Jobs set up a slogan, we not only repair electronics but we also treat people's minds.

  • Favorite Color: Blue
  • Favorite Figures: Steve Jobs, Danny Hong, and others who think of ways to better the lives of people through mechanical science.
  • Favorite Word: Live your own life!
  • Favorite book: The autobiography of Steve Jobs
  • Hobbies: Apple Product (Rare items)

Size Overview

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Long Sleeved Elbow Patch 

90 95 100 105 110 115
Length  62 66 71 74 77 80
Sleeve Length 53 56 60 63 67 70
Chest 1/2 46 50 53 55 58 63


Fabric Neck Sleeves Elbow Patch Thickness
Solid double cotton with a little weaving, soft cotton Boat neck Long sleeves Elbow Patch Medium



Washing Guidelines & General Info

Country of origin South Korea Gender  Unisex
Fabric  Cotton 100% Dye/Washing  16 numbers or less two-ply washing
Washing Method  * Recommended to wash separately when using a washing machine.
* Use water with a temperature below 35°C. Low temperature ironing. 
Make sure to flip the clothes inside out to avoid color fading.
* Low temperature ironing.
* Avoid using bleach, chlorine or oxygen.
* Not suitable for machine drying.


Shipped from South Korea

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